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Volunteering with VNA Hospice & Palliative Care

End-of-life care from VNA Hospice & Palliative Care aims to provide compassionate and skilled care to terminally ill patients and their families in Eastern and Central Massachusetts. Volunteers are the heart of our end-of-life program. They provide an extra level of care and comfort that can make all the difference to patients and families. (We also offer volunteer opportunities on our community cabinets. Learn more.)

Who Volunteers for Hospice?

Hospice volunteers are caring and compassionate people who want to offer their service in a meaningful way. They are adults who come from diverse backgrounds and share a desire to make a difference. No special skills are required. Comprehensive training is provided to new volunteers and all volunteers can take advantage of on-going support offered by hospice staff and at monthly meetings and periodic workshops. Volunteers are needed to visit day and evening, during the week and on weekends. A commitment of one year is requested.
*Please note a CORI background check is required

Volunteers can do many things

Hospice volunteers can do many things, including:
  • Provide companionship through reading, playing games, sharing music and other interests
  • Support patients and family members through conversation or simply being present
  • Offer respite for caregivers allowing them the chance to rest, attend to their own medical appointments or otherwise have a much needed break
  • Run errands or grocery shop for patients or caregivers
  • If certified, provide Reiki, pet or other complementary therapies
  • Provide program support through involvement in office projects and helping with events such as annual Memorial Services
For more information, contact Volunteer Services at 800-521-5539 or email us.