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By Caregiver

Every clinician at VNA Care is here to provide our patients and families with an exceptional home care experience.
The experienced nurses at VNA Care are highly skilled, passionate, patient advocates. The nursing staff is proud to carry on the tradition of superior compassionate care that has been delivered to hundreds of thousands of patients throughout Massachusetts. Working together with the patient, family and physician, the nurses at VNA Care develop a plan of care to meet each patient’s individual needs. By providing clinical care, patient and family education, and support; our nurses coordinate a home care program to help patients become independent in managing their care safely at home.

Our staff of experienced physical and occupational therapists and speech language pathologists will work closely with the patient, family and physician to develop a rehabilitation care plan that meets each patient’s unique needs. Whether the patient requires post-operative therapy from a joint replacement or a falls assessment for a frail elder, patients of all ages and diagnoses benefit from receiving rehabilitation at home.

Medical Social Workers are available to offer solutions to financial, social and emotional concerns of the patient and family. Changes precipitated by a health care crisis can be devastating for the family; the social workers at VNA Care provide counseling and coordinate support the most complex illnesses and treatment plans that often encompass the entire healthcare and social gamut.

At-home dieticians offer meal planning, preparation and nutritional counselling which is an important component to successfully treat certain illnesses. Meal plans are aimed to satisfy patients’ medical and lifestyle needs.

Home health aides are a vital link between the patient, family members, and other health care providers. Under the direction of nursing staff, home health aides provide personal and health-related services.

When a patient and their loved ones decide that hospice care is the best path to take, the choice is not only medical, but also emotional and sometimes spiritual. The hospice care team seeks to offer care, support, guidance, and reflection in all of these areas. Hospice chaplains care for the spiritual and emotional needs of terminally ill patients and their families.

The medical director is responsible for developing, maintaining and monitoring the care provided by hospice. Working with a patient's primary care provider, along with the hospice care team, the medical director ensures that the patient's medical care needs are met, while respecting their individual wishes and requests.

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