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Volunteer has a Giving Heart 

Five years ago, Marjorie Ropp had her first experience as a hospice volunteer at VNA Care. Over the years she has provided support to many terminally ill patients and their loved ones in patients’ homes and the Rose Monahan Hospice Home.

“As I’m getting older, I’ve had a lot of different friends who have gone through end-of-life issues,” said Marjorie. “So I became really interested in understanding the importance of end-of-life issues, how that care is given, and how people experience that and perceive it, and how having assistance during that time is so important.”

Later on, Marjorie experienced hospice in a new way during her husband Paul’s end-of-life journey. The couple turned to VNA Care’s hospice team, who provided wonderful, compassionate care during his last days in 2019.

“I really believe in the hospice program,” said Marjorie.

While typically Marjorie and her fellow hospice volunteers would be providing comfort and companionship to patients and support to loved ones, she has found another opportunity to support VNA Care’s mission.

For nearly a year, she’s brought some of her friends together twice each week at VNA Care to assemble personal protective equipment kits for nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and other frontline clinicians. “I don’t know how many thousands of kits we’ve assembled,” said Marjorie.

They keep their social distance as they talk and pull together masks, surgical gloves, barriers, and other critical items for keeping VNA Care’s clinicians and patients safe. The time with friends promotes “a real connection for us in addition to helping VNA Care provide their services.”

Melinda Hayden-Queeno, hospice volunteer coordinator, said Marjorie “has a very giving heart. We’re blessed to have her on our team.”

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