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Patient Credits Speedy Recovery from Hip Replacement to VNA Care's Home Health Team

Elizabeth Kershaw's surgeon got right to the point. An MRI showed arthritis and significant deterioration of her right hip. She'd need a hip replacement to walk without pain. 

"I wanted to get better before I even had the surgery. I didn't want to keep sitting in a chair," said Elizabeth. 

The operation went smoothly. After two nights in the hospital, Elizabeth returned home with the support of her family and VNA Care's Total Joint Replacement Program, provided by VNA Care Network and VNA of Boston. 

The nurse made sure Elizabeth's incision was healing properly, monitored her vital signs, and checked medications. The occupational therapist taught Elizabeth how to move safely during recovery and handle daily activities like showering. The physical therapists focused on exercises to restore joint motion and strength. 

During Elizabeth's first two weeks with VNA Care's Total Joint Replacement Program, she used a walker to get around her home. When she felt like she'd never be able to return to the outdoor walks that she loves, the home health care team was there to boost her spirits and provide reassurance. 

"They'd say, 'You are way ahead of the curve. ...You just have to keep at it and be diligent,'" remembered Elizabeth (pictured). 

She followed their advice, exercising and walking to improve her mobility. In just three weeks after surgery, Elizabeth was able to swap her walker for a cane and continue her rehabilitation at an outpatient facility. She credits VNA Care's staff with her speedy recovery. 

"I can't tell you how great they were to me and how confident I felt in their care. They all were so very knowledgeable about any questions I had, and always made me feel like I was their only patient that day," shared Elizabeth.  

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