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Philanthropist Leaves Important Legacy to Benefit the Community

When people remember the late Genevieve Wyner, they are sure to have a heartfelt story about how she helped them that her devoted husband of 64 years, Justin Wyner, has never heard before.

“She was very special, and truly listened and responded with empathy. People saw that she understood what they were all about. She was helpful to a lot of people,” said Justin.

The Wyners devoted much of their lives together to volunteerism and philanthropy. It came as no surprise that Genevieve wanted to continue helping others through her will. VNA of Boston, part of VNA Care, was one of the recipients of her generosity and thoughtful planning.

Genevieve and Justin first came to know VNA of Boston decades ago when Genevieve was recovering at home from knee replacement surgery.

“Genevieve was a tall, athletic gal who could beat anybody at tennis with her hands behind her back. (The knee replacement) was really lifestyle challenging. There was a lot of therapy and a lot of visits,” remembered Justin.

He shared that VNA of Boston’s staff always took their time during visits and were supportive of him as well. “I think that’s what really made the difference. ...It’s all a discussion, and they’re open to suggestions,” said Justin. He laughed and added, “I’m always full of suggestions.”

“With the assistance and encouragement of the wonderful people (from VNA of Boston), Genevieve worked hard. With their help, she got back to full mobility,” said Justin.

The home health clinicians made such a difference that Genevieve and Justin turned to VNA of Boston after Genevieve had additional surgeries for a second knee replacement, hip replacement, and hip revision.

Genevieve’s bequest will help VNA of Boston continue its 134-year-old history of caring for some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

“It was always a principal in my family and in my wife’s family that you live in a community, whether it’s the local community, whether it’s the greater community of Boston, whether it’s our synagogue community, the hospital community, or the country itself — you do your best to make it a better place for all of us to live. That was the attitude that Genevieve took and nurtured in a very demonstrable way with all of the things that she did.”


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