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RN Became Patient’s "Rock" Throughout Debilitating Health Ordeal

Pain took over Cheryl Tubert’s life.

Ulcers on her legs, caused by poor circulation, made every day a challenge. At times, she found herself bedridden or forced to use a walker to get around her home. The pain would bring her to tears.

“I couldn’t do anything. It was very hard, very painful, and very depressing,” remembered Cheryl. Cheryl Tubert

She went through multiple surgeries. A procedure known as debridement removed unhealthy tissue and cleaned the wounds. Stents were placed in her legs to help keep blood flowing and avoid additional and potentially even more serious health problems.

Her doctor called upon VNA Care to help Cheryl heal at home. Cheryl was unfamiliar with home health care, but soon came to rely on her visiting nurses Lori Zinkevich, RN, and Susan Carrigan, RN, WCC, manager of VNA Care’s wound, ostomy and continence team of nurse specialists.

“I was in so much pain that they couldn’t even touch me at first. They are very patient and compassionate and always made sure I was OK,” said Cheryl.

Lori became Cheryl’s “rock.” They saw each other nearly daily when Cheryl’s treatment began two years ago.

Susan explains that by caring for patients in the home setting she is able to get a more complete picture of what that person is facing. She was able to take the time to get to know Cheryl and make recommendations for the latest and most effective wound care treatments.

Cheryl recalled how during this challenging time, “Lori and Susan were always looking for better ways to heal me. When I asked questions, they’d have answers.”

Their teamwork over the past two years has paid off. Cheryl feels like a new person. She can walk again without pain and take care of things around her home that she used to take for granted.

Lori said, “Cheryl’s progress is amazing. Each visit brings us closer to finally healing her legs. It’s great to see her so close to her goal.”

Susan added, “It’s a wonderful feeling to know you can give somebody their life back. I love what I do. I wouldn’t trade this for anything.”

Cheryl is incredibly grateful for Lori, Susan, and VNA Care. “They just did wonders. They’re wonderful people. You couldn’t ask for anyone better.”

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