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Newlyweds Celebrate Good Fortunate by Donating to VNA Care in Honor of Wedding 

Newlyweds Sheila and Wally Durkin were entering their retirement years when they finally walked down the aisle.

The couple met as children. Wally took Sheila to her high school senior prom, but the two then lost touch for decades. Their paths crossed again in 2016 after they both lost their mothers.

Sheila and Wally Durkin

Sheila and Wally celebrated their love and good fortune by marrying on Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Invitations to the reception a week later let friends know that their “presence was present enough.” A number of people still chose to give cards with cash gifts. 

“We said, you know what, we can do something with this at this point in our lives,” remembered Sheila.

Both have their favorite charities, so they discussed all the options. Sheila had first-hand experience with VNA Care. She worked for the nonprofit for more than 10 years, retiring in 2018 from the Fund Development team. Her mother was also cared for by VNA Care’s home health team, including nurses, wound care specialists, and physical therapists, over the course of two years.

“I know how hard everybody works and cares. Not just the clinicians who came to the house, but in the office too. You see how much time people are putting in,” said Sheila.

The newlyweds chose to make a gift to VNA Care in honor of their special day.

Wally said, “We’re happy to do it.”

The gift was also incredibly meaningful to Sheila’s brother, Gary, who appreciated all that VNA Care did for his mother. Gary framed the thank you letter from VNA Care so Sheila and Wally could hang it next to their wedding portrait.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of Caring Matters.

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