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Learning to Walk Again with VNA Care

At 89 years old, Dick Smith was very active and liked to hit the gym three times a week. He wasn't going to let a fractured ankle from a fall confine him to a wheelchair. 

Dick underwent surgery, receiving three screws, a pin, and a plate to repair the damage and a cast to wear while he healed. His hospital stay was followed by a week at a rehab facility. 

He was finally able to return home to his wife, Ginny, and dog, Mikey, with the support of VNA Care. 

Barbara Devecis, physical therapist, was part of the home health care team helping Dick get back on his feet. She worked with Dick on safely transferring in and out of his wheelchair, exercises for his strength and balance, and more. Barbara (pictured with Dick) recommended medical equipment and other resources that would help Dick remain safe at home. 

Ginny said, "Barbara made life a lot easier. She's full of all kinds of good ideas... Barbara is always enthusiastic about what she's doing. She's very encouraging."

The two looked forward to Barbara's visits and support. Over the course of three months, Dick went from using a wheelchair to a walker to a cane.  

Dick said, "Barbara helped me to learn to walk again and became a good friend."

He's doing so well that he transitioned to outpatient physical therapy. 

Ginny appreciates that Dick felt well enough to tackle some projects around the house, like cleaning the garage. 

Ginny said, "It's amazing the progress that he's made." 

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