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Family’s Charitable Support Honors Beloved Wife, Mother and Recognizes Extraordinary Care Provided by Rose Monahan Hospice Home Staff 

When doctors shared there were no further treatments that would prolong Mary McKeon’s life, Don McKeon and his family had no doubt about what they could do to ensure his beloved wife and family received the care and support they needed in their final days together.

“I immediately said, ‘We’re going to the Rose Monahan Hospice Home,’ because of the treatment I had experienced in the past with my father and my aunt,” remembered Don McKeon of that difficult day. Mary was transferred from a hospital intensive care unit to the Monahan Home. Nestled on the banks of Coes Pond in Worcester, the residence was the first of its kind in Central Massachusetts focused solely on the needs of terminally ill patients and their loved ones. The setting feels like an actual home, and the views of the picturesque grounds from each patient room enhances the peaceful atmosphere. The Monahan Home’s staff and volunteers provide medical, emotional, practical, and, if desired, spiritual support tailored to each patient and family.

Mary (pictured) was known as a loving mother to everyone, even the neighborhood children. She and Don were married for 50 years, and had four children and 12 grandchildren. Don remembered that family and friends alike felt welcomed at the Monahan Home, and spent time at Mary’s bedside.

Don said, “You couldn’t ask for more compassion and care not only directed at the patient but at the entire family. If we needed something, all we’d have to do was mention it, and it happened.”

In appreciation of the hospice staff’s care, Don asked that donations in Mary’s memory be made to the Rose Monahan Hospice Home. Charitable gifts enable the residence to serve patients in need, maintain the home to promote the comfort and safety of patients and loved ones, and much more.

Years later, Don continues to support the Monahan Home’s work as a donor and also gives his time. He most recently refinished a bench dedicated to a longtime family friend, Mary Whalen, who was instrumental in establishing the residence before retiring from her role as vice president of hospice.

He remains grateful for the clinicians and the residence, and added, “They couldn’t have taken better care of Mary or of us.”

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