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Couple Turns to VNA Care for Cardiac Care While Recovering from Left Ventricular Assist Device Surgery and Awaiting Heart Transplant 

VNA Care’s clinicians treat patients with thousands of unique diagnoses each year. Edward Boynton’s is among the rarest.

Ed underwent surgery to implant a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) in his chest to help his heart continue pumping blood while he awaits a heart transplant. The device is connected through a small opening in the skin to an external controller and battery pack that weigh about 10 lbs.

After a 24-day hospitalization, Ed opted to bypass a stay at a rehabilitation facility and returned home under the expert care of VNA Care’s home health care team.

“To be able to lay in my own bed was absolutely amazing,” remembered Ed.

Knowing the specialized nature of his care, Ed wanted to be sure that his clinical team was well versed with his medical condition. He conducted brief interviews to learn about their education and experience.

“I want to be a good patient, but I want to be a good consumer too,” said Ed, who has congestive heart failure.

His team members, Cristopher Adorio, RN; Connor Gosselin, PT; Lauren Indelicato, RN, IV specialist; and Leah Micu, OT, not only aced their interviews but would provide care that Ed called “amazing.”

"All of my clinicians were highly skilled and knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. They made us feel comfortable. They were very dedicated to what they were doing,” he said. 

His wife Christine added, “We felt like we were in great hands from day one.”

Lauren’s extensive experience with and knowledge of LVADs, including time as a cardiothoracic intensive care unit nurse before joining VNA Care, was a great resource for the Boyntons. Lauren taught Christine how to change Ed’s bandages and things to look for that might indicate a problem. Christine said she would have been a wreck without Lauren in her corner.

“I felt in a heartbeat that I could call Lauren... I can’t tell you how much I appreciated her,” said Christine.

Ed’s active in the LVAD patient community, empowering and mentoring others on their journey. He understands how the progression of congestive heart failure brings not only physical challenges, but emotional ones as well.

“Nurses like Lauren get that,” he said. “To find someone like her is like finding a needle in a haystack.”

Ed’s already given VNA Care’s phone number to at least three other people within the LVAD community so far. He added, “The team was fantastic!”

Pictured, above left: Ed Boynton discusses his left ventricular assist device (LVAD) with Lauren Indelicato, RN, IV specialist. Right: Lauren with Ed and Christine.

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