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Stocks & Securities

The tax benefits of making a charitable gift with cash are well known, but donors can realize an even larger tax savings when they donate appreciated stocks and other securities to one of VNA Care’s nonprofit agencies or hospice residences.
This type of donation helps VNA Care make a difference in the lives of people facing significant illnesses and injuries while also bringing the donor tax savings by:
  • Avoiding capital gains tax
  • Acquiring an income tax deduction
  • Obtaining a possible deduction for taxable estate
Donors may claim the full value of the gift as a charitable deduction. This option allows people to make a larger gift than if they first sold the stocks or other securities and donated the net proceeds to VNA Care.
For example, Judy M. wants to support her local visiting nurses by donating $10,000 to VNA Care. She is in the 28% tax bracket. If she gave cash, she would realize a tax savings of $2,800.
Judy also has appreciated stock (held for at least one year) with a fair market value of $10,000. She purchased this stock several years ago for $4,000, the cost basis for the stocks. If she sold this stock, she would be taxed 15% on the capital gain of $6,000, owing $900 to the government.
Judy could instead transfer the $10,000 in stocks to VNA Care rather than giving cash. Not only would she still receive the same $2,800 tax savings as the cash gift, but she would not pay the $900 capital gains tax. That would give Judy a total tax savings of $3,700.
For more information and transfer instructions, please contact Karen Webber, director of fund development, at 888-663-3688, ext. 1365.  You may choose to designate your gift to VNA Care Network, VNA of Boston, VNA Hospice & Palliative Care, or one of our hospice residences (Elizabeth Evarts de Rham Hospice Home in Cambridge, Rose Monahan Hospice Home in Worcester, or Stanley R. Tippett Hospice Home in Needham).
This information is intended for educational purposes only. For legal, tax, or financial advice, please contact your professional advisor.
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Make a difference in the lives of people facing serious illness. Donors can realize large tax savings when they donate appreciated stocks and other securities to VNA Care.