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Health Tips

VNA Care's staff share their tips, advice, and resources on a variety of health topics. 


Getting Started with Advance Care Planning: Conversations and Documents to Make Your Health Care Wishes Known

Kerry O'Connor, APNP, palliative care manager, decided to ask her parents the same question she asks many of her patients. What kind of health care would they want if they were ever unable to speak for themselves? "I was completely shocked by their responses," said Kerry.  (read more


Older Adults at Particular Risk as Temperature Plummets

Hypothermia is a potentially life-threatening condition that happens when body temperature gets very low. In older adults, a body temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit or lower could lead to a heart attack, liver damage, and other serious health problems.   (read more


Shedding Light on Common Hospice Myths: Get the Facts on End-of-Life Care

Hospice is a specialized, team-based approach to caring for people with a life-limiting illness, as well as their loved ones. The team focuses on quality of life so that life can be lived as fully as possible – preserving dignity and respecting personal choice.   (read more


Summer Safety Tips for Seniors to Avoid Heat Stress

As the weather heats up, seniors should try to keep cool to avoid heat stress and potential complications like heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heart failure and stroke.   (read more


Four Steps Older Adults Should Take to Prevent Falls

Falls do not have to be an inevitable part of the aging process.   (read more


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Learn how to reduce your risk for getting the coronavirus and get links to state and national resources.   (read more


Know the Signs, Get Help FAST to Increase Chance of Recovery from Stroke

Time saved is brain saved for someone experiencing a stroke.   (read more


Spring Cleaning: How to Safely Dispose of Unused Medications 

Does your medicine cabinet contain medications that are past the expiration date or simply no longer needed or wanted? Taking care in disposing of them brings more benefits than additional shelf space.  (read more


Take Steps to Reduce Your Risk for a Fall and Fall-Related Injuries

Three million older adults are treated for fall-related injuries each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Checking your home for common hazards is one way to reduce your chance or becoming part of this statistic.  (read more


Adult Immunizations Support Good Health

Thousands of adults become seriously ill each year from diseases that vaccines can help prevent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  (read more