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Care for the patient and family

Whether a patient is learning to manage a chronic disease, transitioning home from the hospital, or rehabilitating after an injury or surgery, VNA Care allows patients to continue the level of care necessary to help restore health, well-being and independence all from the comfort of home.

It's All About a Quality of Life

Home care is about more than just treating patients. It's about providing quality of life. We believe that the best care is always focused on achieving the goals of the patient and family. To meet your health goals, we take the time to create a personalized plan of care that addresses your specific needs and goals.
Home care can be provided for:
  • Individuals from four months old to over 100 years old
  • Those who suffer from chronic illnesses, including heart failure, diabetes or respiratory disease
  • Someone transitioning home after a hospital stay
  • A patient in need of physical therapy following a joint replacement
  • Adults or children with physical or cognitive disabilities
  • Aging adults who require help with daily living tasks or personal care
  • Terminally-ill patients
  • And others
When you or a loved one needs home-based health care, VNA Care is here for you to help you navigate all your options. Call us at 800-521-5539 for personalized assistance. VNA Care's continuum of care includes: