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CEO Talks About End-of-Life Care and Conversations on Help Choose Home Podcast

Holly Chaffee, MSN, BSN, RN, president and CEO of VNA Care, recently joined Merrily Orsini, host of the Help Choose Home podcast, for a discussion about starting end-of-life conversations and the benefits of choosing hospice.

"Under Medicare, the hospice benefit, the patient is allowed more services to assist them with getting through the end of life," said Chaffee. "They have bereavement counselors. They have social workers that can work with the family to help them move through the stages of death and dying because everybody goes through those stages at different moments in time."

"You could have somebody in an anger phase in the family and someone in the acceptance phase at the same time, so there's going to be conflict that comes up with the family and the patient. You have to help them move through those stages with as much support as possible," added Chaffee.

Listen to the full episode. 

To learn more about hospice care, please call VNA Care at 800-521-5539.

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