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Senior Management

Todd D. Rose, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Casper, MHA
Vice President of Patient Access
Catherine Frasco, MSPT, DPT, COS-C
Vice President of Home Health Operations
Stephen Gut, MBA, CPA
Chief Financial Officer 
Aaron Langlois, RN, MBA
Vice President of Hospice and Palliative Care
Lisa McCrystal, PMP
Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer
Jane Pike-Benton, RN, MS
Chief Operations Officer, Chief Clinical Officer
David Rose, MBA, SPHR
Chief People Officer
Robin Seidman, RN, MSN, MBA, LNCC
Chief Compliance Officer, Vice President of Organizational Excellence

Board of Directors

Smeeta Teckchandani, Chair
Renee L. Harper, First Vice Chair
Todd D. Rose, President and CEO
Stephen Gut, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer 
Katharine Bolland Eshghi, Clerk
Rebecca Jackman, Assistant Clerk
Rita Advani
James Cosgrove
Jane Flagler Fogg, MD
Linda Hope-Springer 
Laura Lee, MD
Michael E. Morris
Deborah S. Morsi, RN
Abhijeet Nadkarni
Rebeca C. Perez 

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